UP-55MD - Repair

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We have repaired hundreds (probably thousands) of UP-55MD / OEP-4 printers since they started producing them.  With that time and experience, we not only know how to efficiently repair the units, but can reinforce weak points and make changes so that your printer will be trouble free in the future.

Instead of just replacing the parts with the same fragile Sony plastics, we have engineered better solutions to last much longer. 

We also provide a deep clean, replace your frame and covers with refurbished and repainted ones.  These will resist corrosion and wear much more than from the factory. 


For an extra $200, we will also replace the front cover and bezel (where the buttons are), and provide a clear film to protect the buttons from premature wear.  With this, your printer will come back looking better than it did when it was new.  This is not available on the OEP-4 / OEP-5.


All repairs come with a 90 day warranty.  Please call us to set up a repair and please include a sheet of paper inside the printer with your contact info / printer symptoms at 800-861-7320



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180 day warranty from ERI