EDM & ERI Present at FIME 2022 in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FL — EDM Imaging, a leading provider of medical imaging supplies in the United States and abroad, will be presenting at the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) in Miami Beach from July 27th-29th.


FIME is the leading medical trade show for the Americas. Each year, over 700 exhibitors from more than 45 countries gather to present the latest cutting-edge medical technology and equipment.


Since the 1980s, EDM has been the European leader in the medical imaging accessories sector. The firm has made several strategic moves over the years, entering new markets, such as the United States and Latin America, in addition to expanding its product line far beyond just ultrasound.


The firm has two divisions in the US – EDM Medical Solutions and ERI, Inc. – each having its own unique focus on the needs of medical imaging professionals.


ERI is the specialist in medical imaging technology, offering a wide range of high-quality displays and surgical video cameras, as well as ultrasound media such as papers and printers. The company has been in business for more than 30 years and was recently acquired by EDM in a strategic move to expand the firm’s offering.


EDM offers comprehensive solutions for medical imaging with a special focus on infection control. The company’s product line has grown extensively over the years to include ultrasound probe covers, surgical drapes, OB/GYN accessories, needle guides, biopsy supplies, and more.


“Our goal continues to be the reinforcement of EDM’s position as the one-stop shop for all things medical imaging. We have leveraged our wealth of experience in Europe and Africa to amplify EDM’s presence in the US and Latin America. And our recent acquisition of ERI – the specialist in medical imaging technology – now allows us to better serve our clients across the US,” says Benjamin El Koubi, Chief Operating Officer of EDM Medical Solutions.


At FIME, the firm plans on placing the spotlight on its newest product line: Krystal. Built upon three core principles – quality, patient safety, and cost efficiency – the brand embodies what healthcare practitioners in medical imaging are seeking: high-quality ultrasound gel and infection control solutions at market-leading prices.


“Krystal is the answer to the needs of modern-day ultrasound users and medical imaging professionals. Over the years, we’ve worked with our healthcare partners in the US and abroad to conceive a product line that meets three core areas of concern: a high level of product quality, a solid contribution to patient safety, and a cost-efficient pricing structure,” adds El Koubi.


From ultrasound probe covers to surgical drapes, the Krystal product line was designed to offer infection control solutions that enhance patient safety and integrate seamlessly with staff workflows. The brand also includes a line of gels, the formula of which is based on the company’s decades of experience in ultrasound imaging.


Additionally, healthcare facilities concerned with rising costs and inflationary pressures can rest assured that Krystal’s pricing structure will remain the same.


“We understand the concerns healthcare practitioners and administrators have when it comes to rising costs and inflation. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a brand with a pricing structure that’s built to withstand these pressures. With Krystal, healthcare facilities don’t have to forsake quality or patient safety to balance their budgets,” says El Koubi.


EDM Imaging will be presenting the Krystal product line as well as its range of medical imaging supplies through EDM Medical Solutions and ERI at FIME from July 27th-29th 2022. The company can be found at booth K69.