We are excited to announce that on March 8th, 2021, EDM Medical Solutions acquired ERI Inc.

ERI is proud to join forces with EDM to bring healthcare professionals even more products and better service. As a major manufacturer and distributor of medical imaging supplies, EDM’s product line includes ultrasound probe covers and gels, infection control products, radiation protection equipment, biopsy supplies, and more. By registering at us.edm-imaging.com, customers will have access to thousands of new products for their facility.

We want to assure our customers that ERI’s website will remain active, and that all product and service offerings will be kept the same. Customers will have the freedom to purchase their favorite supplies from either ERI or EDM. We are excited to continue serving your facility so that you can keep patients safe and continue delivering high-quality care.

We invite you to read the full press release here.


  • What will change for me and my orders?

We want our clients to be assured that nothing is going to change due to the acquisition. Our current ERI website will remain online along with all products and services associated with it. You’ll still be able to order online and via email or phone.

  • Will some products be discontinued?

No, our product offering will remain the same.

  • Will new products be added to ERI’s website?

No, however, through this new partnership our clients can have access to a wider range of product lines, including biopsy supplies and radiation protection products. You can view these product lines on us.edm-imaging.com.

  • Will prices change?

Not at all. Our current price structure will remain the same.

  • Will the delivery options change?

No, clients will still enjoy the current shipping options, including the flat rate and free shipping for orders over $400.

  • Where will my order ship from?

All orders will now ship from Miami, FL.

  • How do I contact ERI?

You’ll still be able to reach ERI via the following:
Email: order@eri-iowa.com
Phone: 800-861-7320
Fax: 888-339-4508

You can also contact EDM Medical Solutions via the following:
Email: info@edm-us.com
Phone: +1 (877) 220-4567
Fax: +1 (786) 231-0336

  • Will my payment options and terms change?
No, all payment options will remain the same and all major credit cards are accepted on the website. For payment via check, please note the new remittance information: EDM Medical Solutions, 1947 NE 147th Terrace, North Miami, FL 33180.